Cooking class in Paris (Part 1)

I had finally found the perfect birthday gift to Fredrik – I had booked us for the market & cooking class at La Cuisine Paris during our visit to Paris in August!

It was a superb day with a market tour + whipping up a main course plus two desserts + enjoying the delicious food with a glass of wine. Not a bad way to spend a day in Paris!

Market tour with the chef from La Cuisine Paris

Deciding on the menu

It was at the end of the summer, around 20 degrees Celsius and clear blue sky. The perfect day for a stroll at the market. We met the chef, Emelie, at 9.30 outside a café close to Marché Bastille, one of the largest markets in Paris.

In total we were 9 who were joining for this day’s market + cooking class. Me and Fredrik from Sweden, a couple from New Zealand, a mother and daughter from England, a brittish gal who works and lives in Malaysia, a lady from the US and a young lady from Asia… it was a truly international mix of people. And the levels of our cooking skills varied from just being able to ”cook” noodles to being experienced and having a passion for cooking. But we all had in common the love for great tasting food and especially french food.

Marche Bastille detail - la boulangerie

Our chef had already been to the market to check out what was available and come up with some different menu suggestions. So we started out by deciding on the menu for the lunch we were going to cook. Emelie gave us 3 options for the main meal. Either a salt baked sea bass with beurre blanc, califlower pure and vegetables. Or duck with some delicious sounding side orders. And honestly I can’t remember what the third option was. But I do remember I had a hard time deciding between the fish and the duck. I’d never cooked a whole fish before and I was eager to learn how to do that. But I’d also love to get some tips and tricks on how to cook duck since we do that from time to time here at home and we could probably tweak it a bit to make it even better. Difficult choice to make!

As we voted it was obviously clear that I wasn’t the only one who wanted to learn how to cook a salt crusted fish – everyone voted for that one.

Market tour with the cooking class in Paris

When it came to the dessert I was happy to hear that we would have time to make two desserts! I definitely have a sweet tooth so I was super happy and I think I wasn’t the only one gathering from the reactions from the others. Again we had three options and the majority voted for clafouti with mirabelles (tiny, sweet plums) and mille feuille with donut peaches (you know the flat ones) and pistachio flavor.

Market tour with the cooking class at La Cuisine Paris

I was so excited to get to learn how to make mille feuille – one of my favorite pastries of all time. Plus it looks like it should be super difficult to make so I was looking forward to get some guidance. But you know what, it was actually super easy to make. And it was delicious!!

As for the starter we were going the easy route and buying some seche sausages + fromage. Our chef was of the opinion (and I quite agree) that it is sad to wait with the cheese until after the dessert because by then we’re full and can’t truly enjoy it. So, what she normally does is to actually start of with the cheese and that’s what we did too.