Time to cook at La Cuisine Paris! (Part 3)

In the previous posts you could read about how we decided on the menu (here) and went to shopping at the market (here) when me and Fredrik took the market + cooking class at La Cuisine Paris.

When we had bought everything we needed, and everyone was carrying a market bag full of goods we went to the cooking school. As we got closer to the school I saw this cute house that I first thought was a charming small boutique. As we entered into their cute reception room (and boutique) we were greeted by a smiling girl who took care of us while our chef Emelie went of to the kitchen to clean all the produce and set everything up for us. In the meantime we sat down for coffee and tea and chatted and browsed through some of the cooking books they had.

Cooking class in action at La Cuisine ParisIt didn’t take long for the chef to come and fetch us, and up we went to the big kitchen that was waiting on us.

As I walked over to the huge working area placed in the middle of the room I noticed that each place had a different set up. Some of the places had a cutting board and knife, other areas had handheld beaters. As we all took our places the chef started to explain how we would make this all happen.

Like The French - Preparing the peaches for dessert

I had chosen a place where the peaches were to be cut in pieces and placed on a baking tray. We were actually three ladies handed this task. And of we went after the chef had explained what needed to be done and gave us some tips on how to go about it. By the way, we got so many tips on what to think about for each step in the process for all the dishes we made that day. And I made sure to keep my eyes open for each time she was giving away some knowledge bombs so that I could pay close attention. I learned so much, everything from how to know when the peaches were baked to perfection to what to do to succeed with a beurre blanc. My kind of fun!

Making mille Feuille pastry at La Cuisine Paris

The others were also set to work, chopping and slicing away as well.

Once everything except the fish was done, we all gathered around again. After showing and explaining what to do, the chef let us all pick out a fish to go to work on. Of course, if there was anyone who didn’t want to do this part that was fine as well as it is kind of special to deal with fishes. But everyone wanted to get their hands dirty so to speak.

And honestly, it was kind of grose when I first started out with patting the fish with olive oil. But as I got used to it actually started to feel ok at the end.

When everything was done we got to sit down at the dinner table which was set up beautifully in a different section of the kitchen.  The room had big windows making it airy and bright, and you could see the trees lined up by the Seine. We sat down with a glass of chilled white wine and the starter plate, full of saucisse sèche and fromage. Très bon!

Dinner Table at La cuisine Paris

Once the fish was ready we all hovered around our chef Emelie once again to get some tips on how to get the fish out from the salt crust + decorate the plates. We all got to decorate our own plates and then sat down to enjoy our hard work.

The main dish was really tasty! But we’d been a bit sloppy when we did the salt crust around the fish which means the fish was a bit too salt. It was still eatable and tasted delicious, and for being the very first time doing it I’m pretty impressed!

I was quite full once it was time for dessert, which always is a bummer when that happens. But I did taste both desserts and they were sooo good! Especially the mille-feuille, but then again creamy pastries are my weak spot.

Enjoying our hard work from the cooking class in Paris

Ok. That was it. Hope you enjoyed reading about my experience on taking a cooking class in Paris. If you are thinking about taking a cooking class I say go for it! And if you’re thinking of ideas for birthday presents, this is highly recommended (of course the person you give it to should have some interest in food or cooking). This experience definitely enriched our trip to Paris, and I’d love to take another cooking class next time I go to France.

Plate of french cheese and sausages as aperitif

Have you ever taken a cooking class when you were on vacation? What was your experience like, I’d love to know! Tell me in the comments below.