Into the french way of life? You’re in the right place

Bienvenue and welcomeOk, I’m going to be honest with you…. The reason I’m starting this blog and podcast is quite selfish. Really.

I’ve been searching the podcast directory for months not finding a podcast that talks about what it’s like moving to and living in France. I found a ton of podcasts about learning french (and I subscribed to most of them) but that was about it.

So I thought to myself – there must be others out there with the same interest as me, right? Well, I really do hope so because even if I said the reason I’m starting this is because I wanted to hear about the life as a french expats, I will not have the energy nor enthusiasm to keep going if it turns out I’m the only one. So, if you’re out there (i.e. reading this right now) please let me know you’re out there and you too are interested in this topic! You do so by commenting on the blog posts and most of all by making sure to subscribe to the podcast once it launches (read more about that here).

My second thought was, how difficult can this be? You read about people setting up their blogs in no time, and people starting up podcasts in no time… Well, this has been a long time coming! I got to interview a few lovely ladies a couple of months back (ahem, ok so more than ”a couple”) and was keen on getting the podcast up and running asap. Then life got in the way. As it has a tendency to do.

Well, I just want to say to the wonderful ladies that I’ve interviewed before I had the site (or podcast) up and running – thank you for being brave enough to agree to be interviewed not knowing how it would turn out, what my show was about or knowing me and what I was about. And a big apology for dragging out the launch process!

I have more work and tweaking to do on the site but I’m taking the plunge and launching the site as is. I’m a recovering perfectionist and I’m trying to live by the quotes ”done is better than perfect” and ”get it done, then get it right”.

I hope you’ll enjoy what I share on Like The French site + podcast and please let me know any feedback or questions you have.